Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from herbs?
Western herbal medicine like western drugs is often used to control symptoms, without really addressing the root cause of illness. Chinese herbs are usually combined in formulas to enhance their individual actions, and to address both the symptoms and the underlying cause of illness. Chinese herbs rarely cause unwanted side effects. They can easily supplement our diet to strengthen and balance our constitution and remedy or prevent a variety of ailments.

Why do I have to take so many tablets?
These are not pharmaceuticals synthetically produced in a lab but naturally grown herbs that take a little longer to be absorbed by the body and so you need to take a fair amount of them for them to work effectively.

How long before I get results?
Generally, the more chronic a symptom or illness is, the longer it may take to see results, however, these herbs are generally very fast acting. If taken properly, you should see a change in your symptoms after 2-5 days.