Better Belly / Peace of Mind
My family history led me through stress to high cholesterol and high blood sugar count, which I wasn't able to control through neither conventional medicine nor alternative medicine like shiatsu, reflexology or cranio-sacral therapy. I was introduced to Chinese Harmony herbal remedies and started taking Better Belly, within two weeks started feeling much better. I went to my GP and as a result was sent to do lab tests, which showed completely normal blood sugar count and cholesterol level.
As a businesswoman and a single mom I was dealing with a lot of stress. I started taking Peace of Mind, six weeks later I felt my stress level going down, I was sleeping calmly through the night, waking up after six hours of sleep which I didn't experience before. I am now able to detach myself from the stresses of life, see things in perspective and cope much better. As a result my family life and professional life has improved dramatically. I would recommend Chinese Harmony to everyone who has a health challenge and to those who don't to prevent them from having one.

Yael A., Hertfordshire, UK

Since I was a kid I suffered from acute bronchitis every year in the winter. As I matured the intensity of the bronchitis decreased and what remained was wheezing and cough that I couldn't get rid of. I tried cough remedies, antibiotics, and antihistamines in vain. This medical history prevented me from joining a national football team, in a middle of a game the cough would absolutely paralyse me and my coach was extremely upset that my talent leads nowhere. At this point I would try anything, I started taking AllergEase by Chinese Harmony and the results were amazing as the next day my coughing stopped completely. I was advised to continue using AllergEase herbal remedies as a preventative measure, which I have for the last three months. As my physical condition has improved so has my game, and I have been signed by the London O's.

Jonny D.A., Quarterback, London O's

Better Belly
My GP told me he wanted to put me on Statin medication to lower my high cholesterol levels. I told him I would try natural solution including Chinese Harmony herbal remedies, nutrition and acupuncture. Five weeks later after taking Better Belly religiously every day went in for blood tests and sure enough when results came back from the lab they showed completely normal cholesterol levels. No need for those medications after all. Imagine my doctors' surprise.
As an additional bonus my energy levels, which were on the low side before, have increased dramatically.

Simon B. Biochemist, London, UK

Peace of Mind
As a busy housewife I had to deal with quite a bit of stress and recently fatigue as well.
I tried taking Peace of Mind and right away it cleared my mind so the constant thoughts running in my head were reduced to a degree where I could relax. That night I got better quality sleep without the feeling of being 'knocked out' by medication.
The next day I woke up with much more energy and through the benefit a relaxed regenerative sleep, gained the strength to start a new day.
Better Belly
After I stopped taking Thyroid hormones I experienced both bloating and constipation.
I started taking Better Belly and within a few days I experienced significant relief and shortly thereafter the bloating was reduced as well. Any side effects? Yes, my energy level increased too.
I caught a cold and was experiencing the usual symptoms of headache, runny nose, blocked sinuses etc. I was advised to try AllergEase and did, immediately I felt some relief with my condition and within a week I was completely better.

Judy L. Hertfordshire, UK

I was on tour in the UK with my band and it was very cold and rainy. I started with the flu and then it progressed to me feeling like the influenza was ready to catch me. I experienced a sore throat, I couldn't breathe well and my voice was badly affected. Of course I was worried about the next gigs as I am a singer. I had the chance to know about this product, AllergEase, from a friend who had it with him for his travelling. I took the tablets 4 times in 2 days and soon I could feel very much better. The show was great and I was grateful to have found this effective remedy.

Luca Celletti, Roma, Italy

I always used to suffer from allergies. Recently, I started feeling the symptoms of runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sore throat and sneezing. My friend gave me AllergEase and I took 4 tablets and within a couple of hours I felt much better, and I was happy it didn't develop into a serious cold.

Karny B. Berkeley, California

Peace of Mind
Not Long ago I was stressed over work and experienced lack of sleeping. My sleep pattern was irregular for a couple of weeks and also I had too many conflicts in my mind. I was going to sleep at 6 pm and waking up in the middle of the night so my daily rhythm was completely out of synch. It probably was the result of my feeling depressed at that time. Then I was offered to try Peace of Mind, after taking the herbal tablets for 3 days I just felt like it cleared my mind and allowed me to see the things that I needed to see. My bad mood was gone and I had more energy during the day. My sleep was back to normal and all the confusion was gone and then I could sort out a lot of things and just carry on with my normal life. I recommend it to anyone who has similar problems, which is natural and the best thing about it is that it worked immediately and it didn't have bad side effects.

Mr. N. Barr, London, UK

Better Belly
I had the worst case of stomach cramps, my belly was bloated and I felt exhausted and fatigue. My face and eyes were puffy and swollen. The pain in my abdomen was so bad I couldn't even walk. I really don't like taking pills but I felt so bad I was ready to try anything. I took Better Belly tablets twice a day. Now the pain is gone, never to return even after 6 months. My energy is back and I'm not feeling heavy and sluggish anymore.
I would recommend Chinese Harmony herbs to anyone because its completely natural medicine, with no artificial ingredients. It works better for me because the herbs don't damage your stomach.

Peace of Mind
I was feeling very agitated, worrying too much about my job and having more work related stress than I could handle. I was advised to try Peace of Mind and took 3 tablets a day for one week. Now I am feeling relaxed, balanced and happy. Even at work I am calm all day.

Ms Sara Spinetti Roma, Italy